Capture life's magnitude moment before it dissolves in the wind

We offer a memorial service for heartbroken families. We extend  this service to adults and children suffering from terminal illnesses and babies who have sadly passed away. We discovered the power of this service during our own personal experience.  We were in search of this service to embrace magnitude moment before it dissolved in the wind. Yes, we were able to hold our baby’s hand for just a while as he rested in peace but all we needed was to sculpt the moment still.

We want to support grief-stricken parents and families to snatch the moment.

Memories that’ll forever stay embedded and special to you

The only person who can truly understand the excruciating pain of losing a dear love one is the one who had lost them. Especially in circumstances where the loved one had suffered before passing away. This makes you miss all the memories you have cherished with them, and you wish you would have saved a piece of them before they went away from your life.

Our service gives you the chance to get something familiar to your loved one’s hand, with which you can remember them by and it’ll feel like they never left.

Be it a loss of a baby, or a loved one who is terminally ill, we feel honoured to help you to create tangible memories through our casts. These precious moments are captured in a form of casting 3D moulds, of your dearests. Be it your wife, husband, grandparents, parents or children, these 3D moulds are made in the perfect detail. Probably the sweetest thing that’ll keep you close to someone you have lost, and you can always look at the cast to remember them by. A beautiful gesture, truly.


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