Baby Casting

What could be a memorable moment for a mother and father?

Children are a true blessing it’s a bond that forms inherently and is of the purest form. Savouring this bond is essential and can be a sweet souvenir to be cherished by you and the whole family later. When your child grows up, this gesture will remind them of your undying love. 

A good example of such a moment is your child’s first birthday. Those souvenirs can adorn your baby’s room nicely and bring about an air of warmth and love. Another could be their first day of school. 

A keepsake in your home for all to admire

We are here to provide you with our most renowned work, that you will absolutely admire if you give us the pleasure to do your baby’s casting. You will fall in love with the 3D model of your baby’s tiny little hands and feet that we create.
We even offer a framing option for our castings so it can be kept and preserved properly, and remains like it is in the near future.

Similarly, any other moment that you deem worthy of being internalised can be made into a cast. Just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest!


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