Our Story

We are a professional family run business. Our 3D Casting business serves to inject happiness and create a unique likeness of our customers. We are experts in 3D and 2D casting and have undertaken specialist training in the field. Our company understands the delicate techniques involved in the moulding, casting and sculpting craft. We have superior quality moulding mixtures that is safe even for the most sensitive skins including babies.  The blend is made of biodegradable seaweed and the mixture is warm and firms within 2 minutes. We can easily remove the mould because of the mixture being resilient once it firms, it will be clean without any traces of moulding mixture. Your castings should be available within 4-6 weeks after collecting the moulds.

Our Mission

Mould and Behold provides a service that captures your life’s most important milestones and brings forth the colourful memories of your family and loved ones. Our dedicated team helps to seize those moments of happiness and preserve them in delightful artwork memorabilia.

Our casting represents the 3D impressions of the moment in time, so the dainty little palms and feet remain the same for a lifetime and reveals a smile on the faces of mummy’s and daddy’s whenever they see it. Grandparents embrace the extension of their family a new generation with our well-crafted castings. At Mould and Behold we ensure that every single art of nature is securely sculptured and delivered in your hands.

Our mission is to bring you the greatest choice in casting using modern design to make contemporary life high-quality memories of the ones you love. Our main emphasis is developing the business through new concepts and modernisation, ensuring that high-quality standards are maintained.

We take great pride in our work and are never tired of seeing the enchanted expressions on our customer’s faces when they take delivery of their very own, exceptional and very special cast that they’ll cherish forever.

What could be a joyous moment in a couple’s life?

Holding each other’s hand and feeling the warmth of pure love. 

What could be a memorable moment for a mother and father?

Holding tiny toes of their new-born for the first time and enjoying the warmth of teeny fingers while it clasps their fingers tight.