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A family, in essence, is a group of individuals tied either by bonds of marriage, blood or adoption. They fulfill their respective social roles of parents, siblings and children. In reality they’re much more than that. The beauty of a family lies in the interdependence of members on each other in regards to socioeconomic and psychological needs. A good structure is what makes a house but it takes a loving family to make a home. 

Memories that’ll forever stay embedded and special to you.

We can do castings of siblings, all your children, all your grandchildren together or a casting of the entire family.
A casting of the family when a new member is introduced to the household is a great way to welcome them. We render all these services to your satisfaction and not just these but we’re also open to any combination that you want or like.

We make some memorable and amusing 3D casts from each member of the family. Be it hand or feet. Some popular ones are holding hands and all hands merged as one. From father to mother, to all the siblings, all in one. These family castings are beautiful and very special as they have a portion of all your family members in it. 

Besd 3D Casting

How We Craft Memories

It’s extremely easy and fun to make. We mix alginate with a little water, and a mixture is created, then we place the hands in it as it begins to dry up. As the alginate dries quickly, we are fast to work. As it begins to harden, it becomes like a rubber-type substance, making the perfect outline of each hand, with every minute detail. Once the mixture completely solidifies, the hands are removed, and your 3D module is ready. The end results show detailed lines and shapes of every hand.

This gift is perfect for events like:

Wedding or Engagements
After achieving a Family Milestone
As a Birthday Gift or an Anniversary Gift.


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