Mould and Behold is creative. Not just capturing a moment is important we strive towards delivering the monument of your true love as cute as a real one. Every wrinkle in their miniature hands and feet is a pure art of nature. As the child grows the art of nature withers, but casting can capture it for you to cherish forever.

Baby Casting

A cast made at a pivotal moment in your life serves as a constant reminder to that exact moment that you can relive every time you see it.

3D Casting
best 3D Casting

Family Casting

We make some memorable and amusing 3D moulded casts from each member of the family.

Memorial Service

We offer a memorial service for heartbroken families.  We extend  this service to adults and children suffering from terminal illnesses and babies who have sadly passed away. 

Best 3D Casting
Besd 3D Casting

How We Craft Memories

It’s extremely easy and fun to make. We mix alginate with a little water, and the mixture is created, then we place the hands or feet in it as it begins firm.  As the alginate firms quickly, we need to work fast. As it begins to harden, it becomes like a rubber-type substance, making the perfect model with every intricate detail. Once the mixture completely solidifies, the hands or feet are removed, and your 3D model is ready. The end results shows detailed lines and shapes.

Our Mission

Mould and Behold provides a service that captures your life’s most important milestones and brings forth colourful memories of your family and loved ones. Our dedicated team helps to seize those moments of happiness and preserve them in delightful artwork memorabilia. Our casting represents the 3D impressions of the moment in time, so the dainty little palms and feet remain the same for a lifetime and reveals a smile on the faces of mummy’s and daddy’s whenever they see it. Grandparents embrace the extension of their family a new generation with our well-crafted castings. At Mould and Behold we ensure that every single art of nature is securely sculptured and delivered in your hands.

3D Casting


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3D Sculptures from an Art of Nature