Frequently Asked Questions

A 3D casting session will take approximately 45 minutes; however, it will depend on your requirements. Though, we will allow you plenty of time to calm your baby, make him/her comfortable and nappy changes in between, the happier the baby, the smoother our experience.

We use Alginate for 3D casting, this gooey substance comes from seaweed. Alginate is used to make the perfect crisp accurate impressions. It is suitable for mostly all the skin types, even the sensitive ones and safe to use as well. However, if you have a rare, unusual skin condition, we would suggest you seek medical help and advice from your GP before making an appointment.

Alginate is a substance made out of powder containing calcium sulfate, potassium alginate, etc. It is mixed with water to get a gel-like substance that sets firmly to create moulds, after its setting. We can even moisturise your baby’s skin before applying this, for your satisfaction.

No worries, we can apply a cream before taking the mould impression, however, we would suggest you bring a cream that is suitable for your baby’s skin.

100% of it. We make sure that all our customers are satisfied and have full control over the product they are getting made. We have options like frames, engraved nameplates and metallic paints to design your casts in unique ways. If you have something else in your mind, we would try our best to accomplish your vision.

If you don’t want your baby’s fist as a cast, we would suggest you go for a Raised Impression as we cannot guarantee your baby’s pose once it goes in the alginate. Other options can include a LOVE frame created from the baby’s hand and feet, a really cute and unique option.

Sure you can, but you will have to inform Mould and Behold within 7 days.  Please contact us on

No sorry! The mould once solidified, is very carefully sliced away in portions from the plaster cast which makes it impossible to re-use. However, we’d be more than happy to take more moulds at your appointment. This will make every cast completely new and authentic.

Yes absolutely. We care about your precious memories. You can visit our memorial page and terminally page for further details on this.

Sorry, we don’t deliver, we only visit the home to take moulds. However, if you need the finished casts delivered, please enquire however there will be charges, starting from £25.

We offer options of payment without any additional charges of interest for orders over £150, however, on one condition, the payment needs to be made in full before you collect your cast. 50% of the total cost is to be paid at the time of the appointment, and the remainder payable upon collection of your cast. The payment will be non-refundable for orders cancelled prior to collection.

We would suggest you and your child wear casual clothes the day of the casting, as this little play date can get a little messy.

It would be a shame if we wouldn’t allow that! You can surely capture this memory of yours.

We will keep your finished cast for one month from the date we inform you about its completion. It will be destroyed after that unless we have made other prior  arrangements.